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  • 杭州钣金加工为何进行的如火如荼
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In recent years, Hangzhou sheet metal processing has become increasingly popular and attracted more and more attention. Many people have invested in Hangzhou sheet metal processing. What kind of mysterious veil does Hangzhou sheet metal processing have? The editor will make an all-round analysis and introduction for you from three aspects: the process flow of sheet metal processing in Hangzhou, the development status of sheet metal processing in Hangzhou and the advantages of sheet metal processing in Hangzhou.


I. Hangzhou sheet metal processing process:


1. Blanking. In the process of blanking of sheet metal processing factory, it mainly includes two procedures of shearing machine and punching machine. The shearing machine is mainly to cut a lot of sheet metal into single material parts, which is the key to facilitate sheet metal forming. The punching machine is to carry out blanking of various shapes by expanding the flat parts.


2. Turn it over. Deep holes are processed on many sheet metal base holes, and the basic process and various processes are also exquisite. The application of new technology also improves the accuracy of this deep processing, so as to continuously bring the forming effect and characteristics in these aspects.


3. Punch. In the processing process of this program, sheet metal processing factory is mainly completed by a kind of processing program of die forming. Generally, punching, angle cutting, blanking and other aspects have a fixed role; the factory is still a key aspect in this process.


Second, the development of sheet metal processing in Hangzhou.


1. High profit. Such as stamping can generally reach about 30%, and laser cutting can reach 50% or more.


2. Low requirements for machining accuracy and easy to use. As far as sheet metal processing is concerned, the precision is very common in several threads, and the technical complexity is also relatively high, and even some parts have dozens of processes. So sheet metal processing companies generally need a variety of mechanical equipment to meet different technical requirements.


3. The production level needs to be improved. China has become a world processing and manufacturing base, and the ability of metal processing needs to be increased. In general, the electrical control box, machine shell and other parts in the metal processing industry are sheet metal parts, so sheet metal processing needs to be improved.


Third, Hangzhou sheet metal processing advantages.


Sheet metal processing technology itself has the characteristics of high accuracy, high automation, fast speed, simple and convenient operation, high efficiency and so on. Sheet metal processing technology has these advantages, specifically as follows:


1. The sheet metal processing beam is easy to control, and it is easy to combine with precision machinery, precision measurement technology and electronic computer, so as to realize high automation of processing and high processing accuracy;


2. The sheet metal processing head does not contact with the workpiece, and there is no wear problem of processing tools;


3. It can be used to process the moving parts or materials sealed in the glass shell without stress;


4. The divergence angle of sheet metal processing beam can be less than 1 milliarc, the spot diameter can be as small as micrometer, and the effect time can be as short as nanosecond and picosecond. Together, the continuous output power of high-power sheet metal processing can reach kilowatt to 10kW, so sheet metal processing is not only suitable for fine machining, but also suitable for large-scale data processing.


5. The power density of sheet metal processing is high, and the temperature of the workpiece after absorbing the sheet metal processing increases rapidly and melts or vaporizes. Even if the melting point is high, the hardness is high and the quality is brittle, sheet metal processing can be used.


6. In the harsh environment or other places hard to access, the robot can be used for sheet metal processing.


Through the introduction of the above three aspects, I think you will have a deeper understanding of why Hangzhou sheet metal processing is in full swing! New era, new weather; Hangzhou sheet metal processing is moving forward with a high attitude!